​Here are some pics of a few scale release fully automatic folders just completed. the amber jig bone and the black pearl kirinite are both sold. These auto's all start at $400 with basic handle material. I can use any type of exotic material per customer specs, just contact me for a quote. If you have any questions, just ask and ill be happy to answer any questions regarding these knives.

​Thanks for visiting and see you at the Blade Show 2019 in June! table 19H

What's New!!

Here is a pic of my first completed slip joint folder. This is going to be my new EDC knife and once I get back from The Blade Show, I'll be making these for a while. I will have it with me at Table 19h to have a look and talk to some other makers for some tips on this type of knife. Excuse the pic, I'm not a photographer....lol. Ill post some in progress pics on FB and Instagram as I get back to work.

Model 3. These 2 were just completed. All new knives will be available at the Blade Show this year in June. One is Interior mammoth ivory that was buried in the ground in Siberia for over 50,000 years. It is cut from the inside part of the fossilized tusk. I also use the bark ivory which is the outer portion of the tusk and color of the bark varies upon the mineral content that is in the soil where excavated from. The other is camel bone which has been jigged and dyed an amber color. Very stable handle material. My model 3 is the smallest of the 3 I have made so far. Both of these on the left are SOLD

Above are 3 completed slip joint folders. These all start at $325 for basic handle materials. The Desert Ironwood is SOLD